Hypoallergenic: Oleospheres versus Liposomes

In the previous blog we talked about a phospholipid and liposomes and how it acts as a delivery system by emulsifying the water-based and oil-based active ingredients. The phospholipids are the basic building block for making liposomes. We also touched upon some basic differences with Oleospheres®. We are now going to take a deeper look in what Oleospheres® are.

Science + ❤️ + Nature = Earth Baby®

At its core Oleospheres® are oleosomes from the safflower seeds. In contrast liposomes are man-made structures consisting of a bilayer of phospholipids. Oleosomes are spheres of organic bubbles with a semi-permeable cell membrane created by Mother Nature from a monolayer of natural phospholipids. At Earth Baby we like to say this is organic goodness made by Mother Earth.

These naturally occurring oleosomes have another major difference than liposomes in that they’re 1,000 times larger. In terms of size Oleospheres® are on the micrometer scale and liposomes are on the nanometer scale. This makes Oleospheres® superior for delivering active ingredients to the skin. Liposomes can sink below the skin layer because of their size and can start emulsifying underneath the skin barrier. With Oleospheres® your active ingredients remain on top of the skin layer doing the job they were meant to do in the place they were meant to do it.

The classical way to create artificial emulsifiers is to bond them with the aid of non-ionic emulsifiers such as the stearates. These types of emulsifiers are irritating to the skin as they penetrate the skin barrier. Underneath the skin they emulsify and remove the protective skin lipids. Earth Baby avoids the use of these artificial compounds which makes Earth Baby a much better line of hypoallergenic products.

In the coming weeks we will continue to take a look at other features of the Oleosphere® difference!

At Earth Baby we do real organic science to find out what is best for your baby. Developed from a loving grandma who has been a leading formulator of cosmetics and care products for over 40 years. We commit ourselves to using certified organic fruit and vegetable based ingredients that are truly non-toxic, gentle and effective on baby’s skin, hair and body.

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