Your Kids will Love Earth Baby Bubble Bath+

Earth Baby Bubble Bath+ is an ultra-foamy, effervescent spa treatment, cleansing, and moisturizing product maximizing the most out of your kid’s bath.  Bubble baths turns frowns upside down and can instantly relax kids when they’re upset!  It makes the chore of getting your little ones squeaky clean, super easy and fun for the both of you.  A factor in maintaining your kid’s good healthy skin is cleanliness as well as keeping skin moisturized and soft.  A soothing bath before bed can help induce your kids to a blissful sleep.  A bubble bath filled with fun and giggles are always a memorable experience and Earth Baby Bubble Bath+ is here to help you create them.

Earth Baby puts the Plus(+) in Bubble Bath

As a gentle cleansing soap made for the most sensitive kids, Earth Baby Bubble Bath+ uses Oleospheres® made from the oleosomes extracts of the safflower seed.  Oleospheres® are a natural and organic all-in-one emulsifier, moisturizer, and emollient.  Many other products accomplish this by adding layers of active ingredients which can require even more layers of hidden inactive ingredients. That combination can introduce compounds such as stearates which can cause irritation.  Earth Baby products are made so that we are not exposing your little ones to these types of harmful hidden chemicals.

Earth Baby Bubble Bath+ uses essential oils and minerals to help keep your kid’s skin refreshed and healthy.  Essential oils provide natural fragrance that can be both beneficial and hypoallergenic.  At Earth Baby we realize less reputable products can claim they are fragrance-free but they actually are not.  These other brands will add additional chemicals to mask foul odors.  One of the first differences you will notice when opening an Earth Baby product is a whiff of natural clean fragrance without any artificialness to it.  As an organic and natural product we adamantly avoid the use of synthetic materials in our products.

It’s all about our NATURAL ingredients!

At Earth Baby we specially formulate all our products to spoil your kids with the spa treatment their young skin craves for.  Here is a partial list of of the ingredients in our Earth Baby Bubble Bath+:

Chamomile known for its soothing and relaxing properties
Dead Sea Salts to mineralize skin, helps retain moisture and relieve skin ailments
Honey works as an antibacterial agent full of antioxidants
Honeysuckle is an anti-inflammatory agent also helps relieve skin ailments
Kiwi another great antioxidant agent filled with vitamin C
Aloe helps prevent dryness and soothes irritated skin, and contains Vitamin A

Using Oleospheres® to bond all these ingredients together makes Earth Baby Bubble Bath+ a truly singular product unlike any other.  If your little one suffers from eczema or rashes our hypoallergenic line of baby care products has made a difference in many kids with similar issues.

To learn more about Oleospheres® start here: Why Oleospheres®.

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