Phospholipids and Liposomes

Last time we talked about Oleospheres® and how they play a part in emulsification which is the science of combining water based ingredients to oil based ingredients. Today we will talk a little bit about how the cosmetic industry normally emulsifies products starting with the phospholipids.

Science + ❤️ + Nature = Earth Baby®

Phospholipids are the basic building block for emulsification. The common way to represent phospholipids is with a large hydrophilic head that will bond with water; and a pair of hydrophobic tails that will bond with oil.

One way to chain phospholipids is into a mono-layer of phospholipids:

A more effective way to to chain phospholipids is into a bi-layer of phospholipids trapping the oil in-between. Using this method the phospholipids will chain together in ways that will stably trap spots of oil-soluble ingredients in a water-soluble bath:

Extending this bi-layer of phospholipids around into a shape of a sphere or bubble creates a liposome.

A liposome is a manmade product that encapsulates water-soluble functional ingredients most commonly using artificially made phospholipids. This is functionality is known in the cosmetic industry as a delivery system because it will deliver the active ingredients (both water-soluble actives and oil-soluble actives) to the skin.

Instead of this synthetic method of liposome delivery system in use by the vast majority of the cosmetic industry we at Earth Baby take a more natural approach to emulsification and delivery.

Oleospheres® acts as delivery system but works differently from a typical liposome. The oleosomes in Oleospheres® created by Mother Nature uses natural phospholipids to make cell membranes. Oleosomes in its natural state contains the energy source of plants needed for growth. Oleospheres® uses the safflower seed’s oil as the source of the oleosomes. The manufacturer harvests these oleosomes organically using a proprietary patented aqueous green extraction process which does not utilize any solvents.

In the coming weeks will compare  Oleospheres® versus liposomes and what makes them hypoallergenic.

At Earth Baby we do real organic science to find out what is best for your baby. Developed from a loving grandma who has been a leading formulator of cosmetics and care products for over 40 years. We commit ourselves to using certified organic fruit and vegetable based ingredients that are truly non-toxic, gentle and effective on baby’s skin, hair and body.

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