Summer Travel Season Has Officially Landed!

Summer Travel Season Has Officially Landed!

Booking a flight or planning a road trip with your little one this summer? Get ready to discover a whole new world – of gear. Not to fear, with so much to pack, it can be tricky to decide what you really need to lug around with you and what will ultimately become a hindrance. Thanks to innovative design features and thoughtful, organic ingredients, some of our favorite new products really can make life on the go easier with an infant or toddler. Here are some top picks for an easy breezy family trip.

Home is where the bath is…

Bath time is an important daily ritual for baby, especially in an unfamiliar time zone. A portable tub can help make your stay in a hotel or family vacation home more welcoming. Choose one that’s lightweight but folds flat to fit in a suitcase or car. We like the Munchkin Safety Inflatable Duck Tub. No room for a tub? Grab the opportunity to bond with baby while on vacation. Vacation hours mean you have time to bathe with baby. What’s safer than that?

Earth Baby On-The-Go Travel Kit

Don’t forget to pack your Earth Baby On-The-Go Travel Kit for all baby’s skincare travel needs. It’s stocked with travel-sized Diaper Rash Cream, Aromatherapy Calming Mist, Broad Spectrum SPF 30+ Sunscreen and Hand Sanitizer Gel, for everything you need for a long flight or sightseeing tour. Like Earth Baby Shampoo + Body Wash, these non-toxic, hypoallergenic formulas are thoughtfully crafted from natural, certified organic ingredients, and are free of parabens, artificial colors, sulfates and other known skin irritants, for travel skin care that’s convenient, effective and safe. Earth Baby also offers a Bath Time Essential Kit. It includes Earth Baby Shampoo + Body Wash, 2-in-1 convenience, with certified organic ingredients like chamomile, honey and apple to gently cleanse. Both kits come with an adorable organic cotton zipper bag to help stay organized while on the go. (Bonus: they are the perfect size to collect keepsakes for baby’s first trip once you’ve used up all the goodies inside!)

For Your Flight or Road Trip

A new travel stroller can seem like a big investment. You’ll be glad you made it when you don’t have to carry a baby and all of your checked bags through a busy airport. Choose a stroller that weighs less than 20 lbs., and you’ll be able to check it at the gate instead of at the ticketing counter. Our favorite model, Summer Infant 3D Lite Stroller, combines a lightweight, durable frame with multiple reclining positions.

If your vacation destination requires a flight and car rental, consider purchasing a travel car seat. There are many inexpensive options that can weigh up to two thirds less than a regular car seat, while still offering the safety features your baby needs. Go for the Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat our team votes for.

Give yourself the gift of hands-free travel with a diaper backpack and baby sling or front carrier that leaves both hands free to snap the perfect photo or rummage through your carry-on. Don’t forget to bring an extra blanket and stroller clips to keep baby sheltered during naptime, or snug on a chilly flight.

Probably one of the trickiest hurdles to cross while travelling with a baby is getting them to sleep in a strange bed. That’s why travel cribs that double as playpens are a vacation necessity for hotel, resort or family vacation. Look for versions that combine easy assembly with a comfortable mattress and convenient carrying case. We rest on Guava Family Lotus Everywhere Travel Crib.

At Mealtime

No high chair in your vacation rental? No problem. With a travel high chair or chair harness, you can enjoy a sane meal and baby can munch through mealtime in safety, whether you’re in a restaurant or hotel room. Pull up a My Little Seat Infant Travel High Chair.

Keep things interesting with a silicone bib. Because you’re not on vacation to do loads of laundry (that’s for when you get home!); they’re quicker and easier to wash than fabric versions. Our favorite pick from Hangry Wonder Bib includes a molded pocket at the bottom to catch crumbs and drips.

Finally, make it easy to snack on the go. Insulated food thermoses, resealable snack bags and travel-sized bottles designed with a pre-mixed formula chamber are ideal for pint-sized picky eaters. For breastfeeding babies, nurse in comfort with an inflatable travel nursing pillow that conveniently folds flat to fit in your bag.

Are you bringing Earth Baby along on your vacation? Tag #LoveMyEarthBaby on your adventures. If we share your pic, we’ll send a special thank you!

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