Why Oleospheres®

Why Oleospheres®

Earth Baby products contain exclusive Oleosphere® Technology, a delivery system that is an all-in-one emulsifier, emollient and moisturizer. This means we can use less harsh ingredients to achieve a simpler, cleaner product.

When making cosmetic and hair care products we find it necessary to combine various ingredients that have a hard time binding to each other. The classic example of this is trying to mix oil and water. Water and oil do not naturally bond together. When attempting to mix oil and water they inevitably separate. However, in many instances, we want the best ingredients possible, but getting the best may mean combining some oil-based ingredients with some water-based ingredients.

Emulsification is the science of combining oil and water-based ingredients. This produces the pleasant creamy texture associated with lotions and soaps. The classical way of bonding oil and water is to emulsify them with the aid of non-ionic emulsifiers such as stearates. These types of emulsifiers irritate the skin as they penetrate beneath the skin barrier, emulsifying and removing the protective skin lipids.

Science + ❤️ + Nature = Earth Baby®

Oleospheres® on the other hand uses award winning Oleosome Technology. Oleosomes are oil droplets inherent in the safflower plant. A shell of organic phospholipids surrounds these oil droplets. These Oleosomes are referred to as “transient emulsification” mechanism. The Oleosomes collapses upon contact on the skin and do not penetrate the skin barrier. The emulsification properties turn off once they are applied to the skin. The functional ingredients can then do their work on top of the skin and not beneath it where it may do damage.

In the coming weeks will unpack all this information in more digestible bites. For now, go check out our post on What are Oleospheres®.

At Earth Baby we do real organic science to find out what is best for your baby. Developed from a loving grandma who has been a leading formulator of cosmetics and care products for over 40 years. We commit ourselves to using certified organic fruit and vegetable based ingredients that are truly non-toxic, gentle and effective on baby’s skin, hair and body.


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